The Sisterhood of Night

“You have to be chosen”

Warning: Sex, bullying, Suicide!

 “The Sisterhood continues to surface in new towns as the secret is passed on. We long to remain mysterious. To evade definition. Tell us, you cry. Tell us everything and then we will forgive you. But we do not wish to tell you everything. This is our secret. Hence our silence. We plunge into secrecy. As into black smoke. To disappear.”

The movie is directed by Caren Waechter, based on the short story of the same name by Steven Millhauser, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

The plot centers around a small town in Kingston, New York, more specifically around a group of high school girls who become a subject to a modern-day Salem witch hunt.


Mary played by (Georgia Henly), alongside her two best-friends Catherine (Willa Cuthrell) and Lavinia (Olivia De Jonge) decide to take a vow of silence, by shutting down all of their social media accounts.

“Every that happens here stays between the three of us. You have my vow of silence!”

Soon after that, the three girls start recruiting other girls, special girls in Mary’s eyes. By using tiny pieces of paper that contains cryptic symbols, the group of girls starts sneaking away in the middle of the night to meet in the woods, with no one knowing why or what they do.

“Mary Warren, a straight C+ student voted most likely to become famous. Mary could get you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. One time, the PTA tried to implement this dress code, like no ripped jeans, no bare midriffs, stuff like that. So Mary organized a school-wide streak across the baseball field in protest, and safe to say, the dress code never passed. She just had this charisma… but it was the kind that could turn dangerous.”


The entire school becomes aware of the secret sisterhood, but no one knows what it really means or what it stands for. Overnight Mary and her sisterhood become the most popular thing, as many girls want to join. So when a classmate Emily (Kara Hayward), is denied access to this mysterious and closed sisterhood she sets out to destroy them in the eyes of the community.  Add to that the growing usage of social media and rumors, a mania spread through the whole town, a mania that involves a cult, drugs, and sexual abuse. And everyone has one question, what exactly do these girls do in the woods in the middle of the night?

“I could just tell everybody everything, and then you wouldn’t be able to meet in the woods anymore.”

The movie tackles many strong, important, and controversial topics, such as victimization and bullying, to sex, drugs, and suicide. It’s an eye-opener to parents, teenagers, and basically, everyone, as these problems not only exist in high schools, but in homes, and at work as well.

The directing, acting, and my god the music! Georgia Henly especially gave a powerful performance, coming a long way from her role as (Lucy) in the Chronicles of Narnia.

After watching this movie, you will be washed with this strange and intense emotion that you won’t be able to explain and yet won’t change.


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