“-God can’t be everywhere Mr. Dk!
-That’s why he has created a Mother.”

If you know me personally then you must know and witnessed my passion for India and everything in it! My passion for the culture, heritage, and of course Bollywood! I could spend hours and even days watching just Bollywood Movies and TV Series. And of the main reason why I love their movies, is how one work, one story can hold a great message. Can reach through the screen and grasp the heart and the mind of the audience! Like for example, My Name is Khan, Pink, Maardani, Table No.21, Sanam Teri Kasam, New York, etc… Trust me I can go on for hours if you want, and now I can add this movie to the list.

Mom! A single word that holds so many emotions and so much power and this movie was the perfect portrayal of just how far a mother would go to protect her family and her child.

The movie stars the high priestess of Bollywood cinema Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the breathtaking Sajal Ali. It’s been five years since we last saw Sridevi outstanding role in the 2012 movie English Vinglish, and no one can deny that she made a stunning comeback with the 2017 Mom. Times of India stated that the actress “demonstrates why she is the high-priestess of Indian cinema.”

Sridevi again dazzled the audience with her outstanding and chilling performance, along with Sajal Ali who gave a heartbreaking performance of a Rape Victim.


The movie follows the life of Devki, a loving mother as well as a popular and likable Biology teacher at her school but at the same time strict with her rules. She lives a peaceful life with her husband Anand and her little daughter while trying to maintain a civil relationship with her teenage step-daughter Arya, who’s still struggling with the fact that her father married another woman after her mother’s death.


The family’s entire life turns upside down when Arya attends a Valentine’s Day party and there, after rejecting one of her classmates gets brutally gang-raped by him, his cousin, and their group of friends, and after left for dead!

After being taken to the hospital and given the proper treatment, Arya wakes up and names her attackers. But the case takes a dark turn, when investigations find that Arya has been drinking, along with the DNA evidence that is not strong enough to build a case, with no other option the court clears all the suspects and lets them go. Upon hearing the news Arya falls into an even deeper depression, and Devki realizes that she might lose Arya forever unless she does something.

By using her outstanding and chilling skills as a biologist, Devki starts hunting down the group of rapists one by one, but not to kill them, but to painfully and deceivably destroying their lives just like how they destroyed her daughter’s.

I will not go into details of her revenge plan, as I want you to go and watch it yourself!

The Verdict: MOM is a movie that’s asked every mother a very important question. How far would she go to protect her child? This movie here is a must watch, a shocking eye-opener to the crime of rape, and the victim of this horrible crime, as well as the victim’s family, deal with the aftermath.


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