**If you’re not up to speed with the events of the second season of Daredevil, then I advise you to stop right here. SPOILERS**

By now you must have noticed that the entire nation has been talking about the new Netflix original series Marvel’s The Punisher. The series is a spinoff of the second season of Daredevil, in which the character of The Punisher appeared and swept the fans off of their feet. It was later that year when Netflix announced that a spinoff of the character was indeed in production, with Jon Bernthal reprising his role as The Punisher.

Writer and Creator Steve Lightfoot along with the production team delivered 13 One Hour Episodes, filled with high action and engaging conflicts.

The series picks up after the events of Daredevil season 2, Frank Castle after finally avenging the brutal murder of his family is now in the eyes of the law and the entire world dead! So trying to be under the radar, he starts working at a construction site. However, he can’t hide from the nightmares that terrorize him, hunted by the memories of his deceased family; Frank is trying to hang on to his sanity.




The story of The Punisher could actually be one of the toughest stories to portray, especially today. Due to it tackling several sensitive topics such as Government Corruption, PTSD, and Gun Control. The series really excelled on how they handled the topic of PTSD, that unfortunately many suffer from but deal with in different ways!

So some might think that the series’ producers would have kicked it back a notch or kept it simple, but quite the opposite, the producers went all out with the plot, storylines, characters, and the controversies, which in my opinion are what made The Punisher one of the highest acclaimed series of the year!

When it comes to the action in the series, I must say that those actions scenes were probably ones of the best fight choreographed scenes I have ever seen. Frank Castle made us all believe that he is, in fact, a killing machine, that will destroy everything in his path.

John Bernthal reprised his role as The Punisher once again gave an outstanding performance as The Punisher. He was able to make us all squirm in fear in our seats when he goes through his murderous rage, while at the same time make us swoon on our feet with his gentleness and his fear of Karen’s safety. Deborah Ann Woll (Karen) also gave an amazing performance, and no one can deny the chemistry between those two characters, it was through the roof.


Which takes us to our next point, the series wouldn’t have succeeded without the talent of the supporting cast. The series features Daniel Webber (Lewis Walcott) with his exceptional role as an ex-soldier battling PTSD; the series also features Ben Barnes (Billy Russo), as well as Ebon Moss-Bachrach (David Lieberman/Micro)

I completely loved every single part of this series; I should probably warn you that it’s highly addictive; I finished the whole thing in less than two days. I highly recommend this series and will be eagerly waiting for the announcement about the second season.


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